What makes Little Giant Form Ties the dependable choice?

The 1/8" break-back feature of the Little Giant Form Tie, if used to its full advantage, will lay the foundation to a fine job and give satisfaction to the contractor as well as the owner. With a minimal effort, Little Giant Form Ties make possible smooth, straight walls with no objectionable wire ends protruding from the surfaces.

The ends of the ties brush from the wall easily and quickly with the side of a claw hammer. The ties break back in the wall. This leaves no sharp wire projections protruding. The smoother finished wall makes waterproofing easier.

The knot forms a good bond with the concrete. Remember: Little Giant Ties allow for a smooth finished wall with less labor. Break-Backs that Really Work!

Little Giant Break-Back Concrete Form Ties

Concrete Special Ties is pleased to present Little Giant Break-Back Ties. Our patented products are the easiest ties in use today! Protruding wires can be brushed from walls with a hammer or any handy object--no special tools required, which provides for quality work with savings for the contractor. Offered in a variety of pre-configured sizes for your specific application. With our Tie Extenders, you can create form ties of almost any length!
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